Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Passion Project Blog Update

Alright. My project is coming along a little slow and I will probably end up having to come out of this "slump" and do some work at home. I will need to probably teach myself a little biology, and the biology teacher can help me learn some of this, as well get me some good information that I will use for this project. I have gathered a few more good resources for this project, and I feel like I should sit down one day at home and "binge read" them all, so that I can get it done at once and will be focused at that time for all of the facts. I also have to work on being able to stay completely focused all period long, as I have been sidetracked a couple times, although for only a minute or two each time, tops. But I still should try and focus all period long to make the most of my class period and truly excel and achieve my project goals.

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