Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Passion Project Blog Update

Alright. My project is coming along a little slow and I will probably end up having to come out of this "slump" and do some work at home. I will need to probably teach myself a little biology, and the biology teacher can help me learn some of this, as well get me some good information that I will use for this project. I have gathered a few more good resources for this project, and I feel like I should sit down one day at home and "binge read" them all, so that I can get it done at once and will be focused at that time for all of the facts. I also have to work on being able to stay completely focused all period long, as I have been sidetracked a couple times, although for only a minute or two each time, tops. But I still should try and focus all period long to make the most of my class period and truly excel and achieve my project goals.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Passion Project Update - Week 2 Brian Cichocki

So for my passion project I came out of my comfort zone of sports and baseball, which I have exhausted for years, and dove headfirst into the vast, complex and intimidating world of Human Biology. And I realize that I must face down another obstacle laid before me in the form of long and intimidating words, like Tropomyosin and troponin, which I presume to be cells, molecules, etc. but I still need to find out what they mean. I have not found very much as of now and have not learned much, but right now I am just trtying to gather resources for my research, such as Khan Academy and articles on human biology. I have gotten a few sources I believe to be credible. And I have learned some stuff, such as that goosebumps, actually officially called goosepimples, are caused by what was an adaptation back before we evolved and were covered in hair like apes. I found it quite interesting to learn that and will be excited to find out more about all of the human biology.